Adam Donnan
25 April 2017

Associates enfranchised & new Council Member

The IES is pleased to announce that the special resolution to change our governing document, giving a vote to Associate Members, was passed at the 2017 AGM.

I strongly believed that denying a vote to these members was not in keeping with a modern organisation and am pleased that the membership have backed us in this endeavor. Giving Associate Members the right to vote will allow the IES to represent its members more democratically. Increasing the rights of those early on in their career will foster new opportunities and provide a more united voice for the sector. The IES is committed to continue widening participation in environmental science education, the workplace and within our own organisation. We will therefore continue to review our practices in light of our commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion.

Our Memorandum of Articles (pdf) has been republished to reflect the change. The new Article 16(1) reads:

"Subject to Articles 3 and 14 and the next paragraph, each Fellow, Full Member and Associate Member, shall have one vote, except for Honorary Fellows and Honorary Members." 

Details of how Associates can vote at next year's AGM will be sent out nearer the time.

At the Annual General Meeting on 3rd April, one new member was elected to the IES Council, the governance committee of the Institution, and four members were re-elected: The list of the elected Council members are below with links to their biographies:

​Carolyn Roberts retired from Council but will continue contributing to the running of the IES through her role as Vice President.

See the full list of the IES Council and post holders

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