Bryce Stewart
September 2020

Webinar: Casting into the future of UK fisheries after Brexit

The momentous decision by the UK in 2016 to leave the EU was met with celebration by many in the fishing industry. However, since then the reality and complexity of the UK’s situation has become apparent, exemplified by the fact that four years later, UK fisheries are still managed by the EU.

Nevertheless, UK fisheries management will eventually be reformed through Brexit and this offers an opportunity for greater ambition, for sustainability to take centre stage, and for longer-term thinking. Over the past four years, Bryce Stewart a Marine Ecologist and Fisheries Biologist, has been exploring how this might be achieved by extensively engaging with stakeholders and decision makers. While the developing legislation looks promising, ensuring its effective implementation, and establishing a solid agreement with the EU, is paramount if the UK fishing industry is to have a sustainable and prosperous future.