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The Marine & Coastal Science Community is a community of like-minded professionals looking to promote an interdisciplinary approach to marine and coastal issues to support the sustainable management of our coasts and oceans. They aim to develop tailored professional development opportunities to support researchers and professionals in the marine and coastal sector and to further advance the specialism through the promotion of their work and engagement with key stakeholders.

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When we imagine the Scottish Highlands, the vision we hold is one of snow-topped mountains, ancient woodlands and vast peatlands. The Highland coastline and its communities are often forgotten;...
We are increasingly facing ‘wicked problems’. While traditional scientific, policy and management approaches can make useful contributions, we need something in addition to these if we want to...

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This edition of environmental SCIENTIST explores Britain's natural environment, how we assess its value, and the ecosystem services it provides

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James is business lead for the marine science team in RPS Ireland, where he leads a team of ten in Ireland with over 50 coastal and marine scientists in Europe. His main role is environmental consultancy in marine projects and offshore energy. James act as technical advisor on issues such...