Ben Thorne

Ben is a dedicated individual driven by a profound passion for sustainability, and serves as the Founder & Managing Director of Enriched Horizons. His consultancy is at the forefront of the movement toward sustainability, guiding businesses in their transformative journeys toward Net Zero status, B Corp certification, and contributing to global betterment. While this may sound lofty, Ben's path to this leadership role is rooted in real-world experiences and an unwavering commitment to positive change.

Before venturing into the dynamic realm of Enriched Horizons, Ben spent a significant portion of his life dedicated to a charitable non-profit organisation situated in the coastal regions of Cambodia. This eight-year commitment was a transformative chapter in his life. During this time, Ben orchestrated and executed multifaceted initiatives that left a lasting impact on the local community and environment.

In this coastal paradise, he championed vital healthcare services, making access to healthcare more equitable for the community. Effective waste management strategies were implemented to mitigate environmental degradation and ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for local residents. Ben also played a pivotal role in fostering access to high-quality education, creating opportunities for a brighter future for the youth. His commitment to environmental conservation was evident through spearheading marine conservation efforts, working tirelessly to protect and restore the fragile marine ecosystems of the region.

With a background as a published marine scientist, Ben brings a wealth of expertise to his mission. His knowledge extends into the intricate world of tropical coral reef ecosystems, which further underscores the authenticity of his commitment to environmental preservation. He's not just an advocate but a hands-on participant in preserving the delicate ecological balance of our planet.

Ben is a Chartered Environmentalist, a recognition that illustrates his unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. This designation isn't just a title; it reflects years of hard work, education, and dedication to creating communities that are more environmentally conscious.

Additionally, Ben proudly bears the title of alumnus of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers initiative. This is a testament to his dedication to global betterment, showcasing his involvement in a global community of young leaders committed to positive change. The Global Shapers initiative brings together individuals who share a common vision of a better future and the drive to turn that vision into a reality.

At the core of Ben's aspirations lies an unyielding dedication to enhancing global sustainability and crafting a world that is not just environmentally conscious but genuinely livable. With Enriched Horizons as his platform, he collaborates with clients who share his fervent commitment to creating a positive impact on our world. This isn't just a business venture; it's a vehicle for driving meaningful change, one project at a time.

Beyond holding the title of Chartered Environmentalist, he serves as an Application Review Process (ARP) member within the IES. This involvement has been profoundly rewarding for him, as he actively contributes to shaping the future of the environmental sciences field and works alongside peers who share his passion and vision.

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