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CEDHE provides representation and leadership to the environmental education communities. CEDHE and the IES work to ensure young people from all backgrounds are inspired to begin and sustain an environmental education – from primary to postgraduate.

CEDHE are an active networking organisation enhancing the quality of outcomes for education institutions teaching environmental disciplines. They facilitate connections between members and develop new avenues of international co-operation within the environmental science community.

Membership is for Further or Higher Education institutions delivering environmental programmes. All academic staff within the environmental unit can become part of the CEDHE network, whether they are involved in teaching, learning or research.

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Over half a century ago, an editorial in an academic journal suggested that a specialist ended up ‘knowing more and more about less and less’.  By contrast, and in the context of a now highly...
The COVID-19 pandemic has had, and will continue to have, a huge impact on the research landscape for environmental science and associated funding for environmental research. This forum explores...

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This issue of the journal explores how environmental justice is fought for and achieved through legal frameworks, community activism, and grassroots movements across the globe

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Rolf is currently director of the Swiss Foundation for Environmental Education, which is tasked with mainstreaming Environmental Education and Education for Sustainability in the Swiss school system. They aim to do this systemically, i.e. through integration into the curricula, initial...