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Thursday, 17 February 2022 - 12:30pm to 1:15pm
Science and research is at the core of work to tackle major public health challenges such as new and emerging infections of high consequence or pandemic potential, climate change, air pollution, an

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Examining the environmental dimensions of conflicts: how the environment can be affected by military activities, and what can be done to increase its protection

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Urban green infrastructure could make significant contributions to physical, psychological, social, and economic determinants of public health. Physical, cognitive, emotional, social, cultural, and biological pathways have been suggested that directly and indirectly link green infrastructure and...
Crossrail is delivering a new railway to add 10% to central London’s rail capacity. When complete, the Elizabeth line will offer a high frequency, high capacity service linking 41 stations over 100 kilometers transforming travel in London and the South East. 
In this webinar Rob Paris, Head of...

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Richard is the Managing Director of an Environmental Consultancy business, Anderson Environmental Ltd, which he founded in 2015. Having worked for large multinational manufacturing businesses for 20 years setting up a very small company was a big change which presented both...