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The Climate Action Community is an IES Challenge-Led Community focussed on championing the work of professionals in the environmental sciences in climate action, promoting the work of experts and evidence around climate change and driving change to ensure adaptation and mitigation measures are accurate, ambitious and achievable. The Community champions interdisciplinary working and a systems approach to the interlinked crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

This Community was established as the time-limited COP26 Community and transitioned into the permanent Climate Action Community after COP26. 

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The agriculture sector can contribute to climate change mitigation by reducing its own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, sequestering carbon in vegetation and soils, and providing biomass to substitute...
Humanity has grown prosperous and numerous by burning and consuming the products of biological systems of the past and present. In doing so we have allowed the degradation of the environment which we...

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Examining the outcomes of COP26 and the challenges to, and opportunities for, climate solutions

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Daniel works in the Regulatory Division of the Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. This division has the responsibility of administering the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act. The Act is the single national framework for the reporting of...