Rhianna Jarvis; Adam Donnan
26 July 2017

Entrepreneurship in the environment

The IES are putting together a new webinar series called 'Entrepreneurship in the Environment' looking at innovative entrepreneurs who have established successful businesses within the environmental science sector. We need your help in pointing us towards contributors who may like to share their experience as part of this series.

Some scientific sectors (such as bioscience) have a strong culture of entrepreneurship, but is this present in environmental science? Does innovation only come from engineers and product designers, not scientists in this sector? What skills and attributes make a successful entrepreneur?

We want to find out. We have a strong focus on student attitudes towards employability, looking at skill-building opportunities available to graduates for helping them succeed in the existing job market. However, we now want to turn our attention to the other side of the equation and explore job creation. How is entrepreneurship creating new disruptive technologies and processes? Is this increasing the diversity of career paths in the sector?

If you have suggestions for contributors or would be interested in contributing yourself, please get in touch with Rhianna.

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