Oliver Hoelzinger
July 2022

The NATURE Tool - Quickly assessing natural capital for EIAs

This webinar introduces the NATURE Tool as a means to assess natural capital impacts as part of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) in the UK. The new tool, which was first released in summer 2021, helps to identify and measure what nature and natural assets (natural capital) do for people and business. This acts as a supplement to biodiversity assessments to help achieve environmental net gains.
The free to use NATURE Tool quickly assesses 17 ecosystem services plus physical and mental health benefits through a scoring system indicating both the direction and magnitude of project impacts. The tool was co-developed by WSP together with more than 30 built environment organisations – a tool developed by the industry, for the industry and a potential game-changer for the built environment sector’s response to nature and climate concerns. For more information about the NATURE Tool visit the website.