Jo Maniscalco
25 April 2023

Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2023 - 2026

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The Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES) are proud to release our updated Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan for 2023-2026, reaffirming our commitment to promoting and fostering equity, diversity and inclusion both within the organisation itself and the wider environmental science sector.

As the representative body for environmental sciences, it is essential that we at the IES proactively seek to enhance diversity and inclusion across the sector, act as agents for change, and lead by example for the betterment of our society, economy and environment. The updated plan builds upon our existing commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion and outlines new strategies to promote these values in our work, broken down into five key organisational areas of focus.

The updated plan includes several key initiatives, such as:

  • The establishment of an ED&I Action Community to support knowledge exchange between employers in the environmental sector committed to improving equity, diversity, and inclusion and the development of best practice in this space.
  • The creation of systems to support and empower a pipeline of candidates to stand for Council, committees, and panels to promote inclusivity of minoritised groups.
  • A commitment to promoting and elevating the work of members from underrepresented groups within our messaging and communications.
  • The development of training for institutions in enhancing equality, diversity, and inclusion in environmental education.

Our updated Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan represents a step forward in promoting a more inclusive and equitable environmental sciences community, where barriers are identified and solutions are sought to dismantle them. The IES is committed to working towards these goals and looks forward to collaborating with members and partners to create positive change. Read our plan and find out how we intend to do this by clicking the button below.

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