23 February 2022

Have your say through our membership survey

Each year, we survey our members to identify trends in how different services are valued and to gather members’ opinions on potential future developments. This year’s membership survey is now live and we would love to hear from you about our membership services over the last year.

In this year’s survey, we are asking members to let us know their thoughts about some of our key membership services, including our webinars and journal, in order for us to better understand how members interact with these services and inform future developments. We would also like to hear from members to help direct the feel of our new branding and website design, being developed throughout 2022. 

In an extension to the survey this year, we will also be asking questions to gather feedback from members of our sister organisation the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) on IAQM membership services. If you are an IAQM member, there is an opportunity to indicate this within the survey and you will be able to answer these questions.  

The membership survey is your opportunity to make the most of your membership and shape how the IES will develop over the next year. The survey should take approximately 15 minutes and can be completed by all professional members of the IES.

Upon completion of the survey, you will have the opportunity to enter a draw to win free IES and, if applicable, IAQM membership for 2023. 

Please click here to take part. The survey will close on Wednesday 9th March at midday BST.