Simon Pascoe
December 2016

Webinar: What does Brexit mean for my EU funding?

Since the EU referendum result was announced, focus within the sector has been on how Brexit may affect the environment in terms of legislation and regulation. There has been less focus on a vital area for environmental scientists; what happens to science funding? Lots of environmental research is collaborative, involving research groups based across both the UK and other EU countries. Many are concerned that such collaborations will decline when the UK exits the EU, and despite the government guaranteeing post-Brexit EU funding, stories are already emerging that funding rates are falling.

In this webinar, Simon Pascoe introduces the European Network of Environmental Professionals, and talks about what we currently know about Brexit. He also discusses which EU environmental funds are most directly affected by Brexit, and the implications for key funding streams.



Simon Pascoe is a representative of the European network of Environmental Professionals in Brussels, and has over 20 years' experience of working with local authorities, universities and NGOs on EU funding opportunities.