Joseph Lewis & Ethny Childs
22 March 2022

IES publishes gap analysis on UK climate commitments

This morning, the IES published its ‘Climate Change Gap Analysis’, setting out the UK’s progress against 54 recommendations for addressing climate change which represent the ambitions of our membership of environmental scientists.

The gap analysis is available to view on the IES website.

During and ahead of COP26, the IES brought together networks, organisations, and experts from across the environmental profession to produce its ‘Manifesto for Transformative Change’, setting out 54 recommendations which represent the collective insights of environmental scientists. The IES represents more than 5000 environmental scientists and stands up for the voice of science, scientists, and the natural world in policy.

As outlined in the Gap Analysis, the UK Government has currently partially met 30 of the 54 recommendations. 11 recommendations are currently unmet, 9 are met, and it is unclear whether or not the remaining 4 have been met.

The key message of the Gap Analysis is that, despite welcome progress in many areas, there is still more urgent action required to achieve much-needed transformative change:

"On certain issues, particularly the decarbonisation of the transport sector, the Government's plans are currently broadly on track to begin the process of transformative change, as long as action continues to progress at the current rate and ambitions are delivered upon. In other areas, the Government urgently requires further action, particularly on the vital issue of adaptation and resilience, where current plans insufficiently address the extent of risk and vulnerability posed by climate change."

Enquiries & more information

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