Rhianna Jarvis
25 October 2018

New marine discussion meeting: Deeper than plastic

With the world's oceans under increasing pressure from acidification, warming, habitat destruction, pollution and unsustainable fishing practices, the topic of marine protection has been a prominent environmental focus in 2018. Through support of the World Environment Day #BeatPlasticPollution campaign, widespread popularity for BBC documentary, Blue Planet II, and emerging new policy on sustainable fisheries, awareness and attention to marine issues is rapidly increasing.

Our next edition of the environmental SCIENTIST, Deeper than Plastic: Issues for the marine environment, will be published in October 2018, exploring potential threats and opportunities for marine environments, as well as new science methodologies and innovative technologies that may reverse current negative impacts on the oceans. 

To continue this debate, we are hosting a discussion meeting to address and explore the key themes raised by the journal in greater depth. This event welcomes presentations from a breadth of eminent speakers in marine science, followed by a collaborative and friendly group discussion, diving into the heart of key issues. There will be ample opportunity to network with attendees and speakers before and after the meeting.

Attendees will also be given a free copy of Deeper than Plastic: Issues for the marine environment.

Register to attend this free event and discuss the challenges threatening our world's oceans. 

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