Ben Green
February 2022

Guiding the restoration of our estuaries and coasts

There has been a lack of UK-wide guidance setting out how to practically carry out an estuarine and coastal habitat restoration project. This is a barrier, limiting information available for groups wanting to undertake restoration, notably around the complex regulatory process of gaining licences and permissions. To resolve this, at COP26 three new UK and Ireland Restoration Handbooks for restoring Blue Carbon were launched, as part of the Restoring Meadows, Marsh and Reef (ReMeMaRe) initiative. 
The three handbooks cover the restoration of (i) saltmarsh, (ii) seagrass and (iii) intertidal habitats using dredged sediment, and partner with a fourth handbook for native oyster restoration launched in 2020. All aim to provide foundational and practical guidance on the restoration and conservation of these blue carbon habitats, from pre-project planning through to post project monitoring. They are aimed at catchment/coastal partnerships, eNGOs, industry or community groups and aim to provide new standards for the restoration of blue carbon habitats, in order to make it more achievable and accessible for all.