Joseph Lewis
14 December 2023

New briefing - COP28 Wrap-up: "Time to deliver"

Expo City Dubai with sustainable development goals on banners and overlaid text "COP28 Briefing published: implications for policy and environmental science"

Over the past two weeks, Dubai has hosted the COP28 climate summit, where negotiations have been taking place between governments, international organisations, and NGOs.

As an admitted observer, the IES sent three members from our Climate Action Community to act as delegates representing the Institution. To mark the end of the conference, the IES is also publishing a briefing paper for members, outlining key messages from COP28.

Read the briefing

What next?

A global consensus on transitioning away from fossil fuels is a significant development: it is a policy change with the potential to make a big difference.

To be successful, the consensus must be implemented in practice, so the time to deliver has come. Knowledge networks like the IES Climate Action Community and Environmental Policy Implementation Community (EPIC) will be crucial convening spaces between policy and practice to support that delivery.

How can you stay informed and make a difference?

The IES will continue to stand up for the voice of science, scientists, and the natural world in policy, helping people to solve environmental challenges and co-creating a sustainable society where people and nature thrive