Joseph Lewis
23 June 2022

New weekly videos on climate action

Image of Earth with overlaid text: new weekly video series, climate action & transformative change

With less than 6 months left until the COP27 climate summit in Egypt, action to address climate change must continue to accelerate. To help raise ambitions, the IES is releasing a new weekly video series on climate action and transformative change.

Climate action since COP26

At COP26 in November 2021, the message was clear: we need to fulfil the promises already made while significantly increasing ambition to reach a more sustainable pathway. Since then, two IPCC reports have confirmed the urgency of those interlinked goals. The IES has already responded to the first challenge by publishing a detailed 'Gap Analysis' on the UK's commitments so far, assessing whether or not they meet the level of action needed to amount to transformative change.

The IES is also taking a leading role in promoting further increases in ambition. In May, the Institution held a pair of interdisciplinary discussions to bring experts from different specialisms together to discuss the latest IPCC reports and what still needs to happen between now and COP27. One theme of those discussions was the need to engage in wider conversations with communities who will drive change through their choices. In response, the IES has now released a new video series to help share scientific insights with the public.

A new weekly video series

The new series, 'Climate Action & Transformative Change', launched today on the IES YouTube Channel. The series will revisit the expert insights which formed the basis of the IES's Manifesto for Transformative Change, addressing the need for systems thinking, transformative change, and ambitious climate action.

Two videos have already been published, an introduction to the series and an episode on climate leadership. The videos are each less than 10 minutes long, aimed at a public audience to help spread scientific expertise to the communities who will be affected by climate change, as well as those who can make a difference to climate action.

Each week on Friday morning, a new video in the series will be released, addressing many of the crucial social and natural systems which are linked to climate change. Over the course of the series, viewers will find out more about the complex causes of climate change, as well as solutions which can provide multiple benefits for humanity and the natural world.

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