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6 December 2022

SiLC launches video on the SiLC Affiliate Scheme

image of ground with overlaid text "specialist in land condition"

The SiLC Affiliate Scheme is designed to support land condition professionals to become registered SiLCs and is suitable for graduates looking to achieve chartership and subsequently SiLC registration, or for more senior chartered professionals looking to join the SiLC register. The IES is a supporting member of the Scheme, providing members with the opportunity to join the Scheme directly through the IES. Achieving SiLC status demonstrates your expertise and capability in contaminated land and brownfield regeneration.

As part of an initiative to promote the SiLC Affiliate Scheme, SiLC has released a promotional video featuring registered SiLCs talking about why they pursued a career in the land condition sector, what gets them excited about the sector and why they became SiLCs/SQPs. Hear directly from senior professionals in the sector about why you should pursue a career in land condition, and how you can take the next step in your career. 

Watch the video now

A key aspect of the SiLC Affiliate Scheme is to assist new graduates, as well as those with more experience, to work towards full membership and chartered status of a professional body with guidance from a professional body advisor, and then progress towards SiLC/SQP registration with the assistance of a SiLC mentor. 

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Join the IES Land Condition Community

The Land Condition Community provides an opportunity for land condition professionals within our membership to steer services for their specialism, discuss topical issues in the sector, and network with professionals. We also have a dedicated Early Career Network for early career land condition professionals in the first 10 years of their career. 

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