Barry Roberts

Barry is a Principal Environmental Consultant at WardKarlson Consulting (WKC) Group in London, where he project manages Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and delivers air quality assessments for projects across several sectors. He is also responsible for a broad range of business development activities in the UK and abroad, as well as writing proposals and mentoring colleagues in earlier stages of their careers.

Barry's first job post-graduation was with a small consultancy in South Africa, where he worked in the industrial sector monitoring air quality in several African countries, before joining a large multinational consultancy. Deciding then to change pace, he spent the next two years working for a junior mining company in Sierra Leone and as a freelance consultant. Barry moved to the UK four years ago, where he initially worked as a Principal Air Quality Consultant delivering assessments for development projects in the UK, and then joined the WKC Group in April 2015 to manage its London base. In his job, Barry enjoys the the diversity of projects he works on, as well as the international travel and meeting new people and experiencing new places that go with it.

Recently, Barry was EIA project manager for the Jazan Economic City Concept Masterplan Update Project, which proposes the development of a large greenfields city on the southern Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. This project represents a complex development with a capital value exceeding $30 billion, to be built-out over a period of 22 years. Once completed, the city will support over 78,500 jobs across various economic sectors and will house over 150,000 residents, whilst being strategically aimed at providing sustainable employment opportunities and increasing the levels of investment within one of the least developed regions of the country. "The project itself was a great source of inspiration to play my part in ensuring that as many sustainable features were built-in to protect the environment and to maximise socio-economic benefits."

Barry became a member of the IES in 2013. "I realised the value that [the IES and IAQM] offered to professionals in the field... It was a 'no-brainer' for me to seek registration... I've been a satisfied Member ever since." He is planning to apply to become a Chartered Environmentalist soon, and looks forward to continuing to work on exciting projects around the world.

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