Eric Dede

Eric is a Senior Geo-Environmental Consultant at RPS Group in Edinburgh. His responsibilities include managing ground engineering and land contamination site investigation projects for a variety of development projects including residential, commercial and industrial properties. Often times, the role involves managing the expectations of clients, stakeholders and landowners, and managing contractors to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. His role also includes business development, writing proposals and mentoring junior colleagues.

After completing his MSc degree in Geo-Environmental Engineering at Durham University, UK, Eric joined Dunelm Geotechnical and Environmental Ltd in Durham, where he gained valuable experience in the ‘contracting’ side of ground engineering and land contamination site investigations. After a few years, Eric joined Cundall Ltd., a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm in Newcastle upon Tyne, where he worked as a Geo-Environmental Engineer providing land contamination consultancy services.

In 2013, Eric decided to pursue an Engineering Doctorate degree at the University of Reading (in collaboration with the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Edinburgh), where his research focused on improving our understanding of human exposure to selected toxic elements in soil, through the oral ingestion pathway. On completion of his doctorate, Eric has continued to provide land contamination consultancy services until appointment to his current role.

Eric chose to become a member of the IES because of the institution’s concern for the environment and the inter-connected nature of environmental issues promoted by the IES. This has led Eric to become a Chartered Environmentalist with the institution. 

The best aspect of his job is seeing how his work contributes to the redevelopment of brownfield land, by putting ‘derelict’ land back to good use through robust site investigation and assessment. His work also enables him to enjoy good weather outdoors while doing fieldwork.

Eric plans to continue building his expertise within the sector, and becoming a Chartered Environmentalist was a necessary step towards his professional growth.

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