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9 March 2023

Call for EOI: Freshwater Biology and Ecology training

Last year the IES/FWR launched the Freshwater Biology and Ecology Handbook in collaboration with the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA), following our inheritance of the Foundation for Water Research (FWR).

The Handbook provides a core training and reference text for water professionals, ecologists, students and citizen scientists alike, and can therefore make a significant contribution to the protection and improvement of freshwater rivers and lakes. The unique scientific and charitable roles of the IES/FWR and FBA have enabled this book to be written in partnership with freshwater biology and water management experts and allow for it to be published free of charge and for public good, for use by the public, experts and regulators.

To build on the impact of this book, the IES/FWR is now looking to pilot an approach to training on freshwater biology and ecology with the aim to enhance the quality and expertise of water management professionals through the development and delivery of training. This will help improve decision making, skills, reporting and communication on water quality and ecosystems. 

To deliver this we are seeking to appoint an independent contractor (or contractors) to develop a structure and learning materials for, and delivery of, two online training modules on freshwater biology and ecology. We have opened a call for appropriate professionals to submit an Expression of Interest to deliver the pilot project.

Call for Expressions of Interest

Submit an Expression of Interest 

Details of the project, including project deliverables and details of how to, can be found in the Call for Expressions of Interest. 

Questions on this Call should be directed to Simon Johnson, FBA.