Linsey Cottrell and Paddy Fowler
June 2019

Take action from your desk

Switch your search engine

Ecosia is an alternative to the main leader in search engines. Profits from your searches are used to plant trees – what’s not to like! A counter appears with every search to keep track of your impact.


Estimate your carbon footprint

WWF provide on online tool for calculating your footprint. See how your estimate compares with 2020 targets, how this is made up and where the focus is needed to reduce your footprint.


Get meal planning

Good menu planning is well known as a great way to avoid food waste. Practical tips can be found on the Wrap website.


Consider carshare or car club

There are lots of carshare schemes across the UK for planning commuter or longer trips. Car clubs also offer an alternative to owning your own vehicle.


Volunteering (ok, this one requires more effort!)

Find out how you can get hands-on involvement. Sacrifice some spare time with friends, family or colleagues to get outdoors and plant a tree, clean a river or restore a habitat.

You could start with one of these initaitives:


Change your energy supplier

It is easy to make the switch to a greener energy supply and today there are more to choose from than ever before, make the switch today!


Responsible and ethical retail

Scrutinise what you buy and who you buy it from, where you shop and the products you buy can make a real difference.


Ethical investments and banking

It is not just the energy supplier that you can switch. There are growing numbers of ethical banks and investment options to change how your money is invested.


Scrutinise your water usage

Water usage can vary greatly between households and is becoming a target area for resource efficiency. If you don’t have a water meter, online tools are available to estimate your water usage.


Recycling – even those more difficult items !

Recycling is made easy when you know what and where you can send your recycling. Recycle Now is the national recycling campaign funded by Government, providing details of recycling centres for a huge range of items.