Air quality and health

Publication date:
May 2011
Despite the evidence showing that air pollution is one of the most damaging public health risks, this problem has received little attention from the decision makers or the public.This issue attempts to quantify the extent of damage to public health in comparison to other risks, providing international case studies and analysis of current UK strategies and public health campaigns.
  1. PM10 question time - Professor Martin Williams
  2. Air quality - the unseen public health crisis? - Tim Chatterton
  3. Breathing difficulties: air quality, climate and health - Clare Heaviside
  4. The PM2.5 challenge - Duncan Laxen
  5. Advances in modelling exposure - Valerie Garcia; Vlad Isakov; Tim Watkins
  6. Mobilising the public on health and air quality - Ed Dearnley
  7. Air quality: a South African perspective - Caradee Wright; Rebecca Garland; Tirusha Thambiran; Roseanne Diab
  8. Supporting air quality management in Delhi - Tim Chatterton
  9. Trends in pollutant concentration in Delhi - Rakesh Ranjan

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