Air Quality - should we have achieved more?

Publication date:
April 2013
This journal summarises the state of the air quality profession and asks the question "should we have achieved more". Broadly speaking, the articles have three themes: a retrospective showing how we have reached the current situation, a review of topical issues and an attempt to look to the future. The journal concludes with some opinions on why the general public are not more vocal about air quality issues.
  1. Modern life; choices or no choice - David Muir
  2. The evolution of air quality policies over the past 20 years - Martin Williams
  3. Air quality law: the EU context - Alan Andrews
  4. Air quality legislation and practice - a practitioner's perspective - David Muir
  5. Clean Air in London - Simon Birkett
  6. Air pollution and health: past, present and future - Robert Maynard
  7. Air quality and the water environment - Mark Everard
  8. The threats from construction dust and fungal spores - Claire Holman
  9. Partial recovery of shallow acid-sensitive lakes from acidification - Herman van Dam, Adrienne Mertens
  10. Are we losing our sense of values? - Maria Arnold
  11. Transforming air quality: reflections on the past, present and future - Roger Barrowcliffe
  12. Inconsistency undermines progress for air quality - Samantha Arnold
  13. Where is the public outcry against poor air quality in the UK - Various

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