Deeper than plastic: Issues for the marine environment

Publication date:
October 2018
With the return of David Attenborough's Blue Planet, the Earth's seas and oceans have been at the forefront of the public agenda in 2018. This edition of the environmental SCIENTIST takes a look beneath the surface, uncovering issues faced by the marine environment. Join us, as we dive into topics such as the changing habitats of cetacean species, studying the activity on the ocean floor, and observing long-term climate trends in the Earth's oceans.
  1. How and why are the oceans changing? – Edward Hill
  2. What do we know about our effect on the oceans? – Carolyn Roberts
  3. Climate Linked Atlantic Sector Science: A new UK marine science programme – Penny Holliday
  4. Exploring submarine volcanoes – Ken Rubin
  5. Improving air quality: How ports can help – Michael Bull
  6. The cetaceans of the British Isles and a changing marine environment – Chiara Giulia Bertulli and Peter Evans
  7. Focus on the coast – Natasha Bradshaw
  8. Bringing oceans back from the brink – Louise Heaps
  9. Surfers against plastic – Hugo Tagholm and Paddy Fowler

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