Education: a journey through environmental science

Publication date:
August 2011
The factors which inspire individuals to pursue a career environmental sciences can be many and varied. This issue examines the route through environmental science education, beginning with primary school through to postgraduate education and learning in the workplace. The future of education in the face of impending institutional changes in the UK, and the potential implications for the environmental sciences as a whole, are discussed.
  1. The shape and future of environmental education - Peter Shaw
  2. The journey to environmental science - Peter Shaw
  3. Developing future champions - Phil Wheater; Jo Leach; Penny Cook
  4. Engaging the educators - Janice Griffiths; Marcus Grace
  5. Young influences - Mark Mifsud
  6. Inspiring post-16 students - Jane Banks
  7. Evolving higher education - Roger Smith
  8. Coming of age - Diane Purchase
  9. Covering the distance - Sarah Davies
  10. Maturing with the sector - Peter Shaw; Simon Kemp
  11. Which way forward? - Ros Howell

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