The energy debate

Publication date:
October 2007
The rhetoric around energy production and use is prevalent in the media and government policy. This issue discusses how to communicate and address the problems, debating the array of potential solutions for meeting future needs including renewable energy sources, nuclear, and energy from waste and the role of government policy.
  1. How scientists are helping the public to understand the C word - Mark Everard
  2. Catching some rays - Mark Everard
  3. Future directions for renewables - wind power - Peter Hulson
  4. Power plants - Claire Holman
  5. Second and third generation biofuels - Stuart Shales
  6. Air quality and CHP - Nicki Trought
  7. Energetic policies (interview: Robert Kyriakides) - David Hawkins
  8. Renewable energy from food waste - James Cherry
  9. Energy future: just deserts? - Gerry Wolff
  10. Riding the waves - Rachel Bowes
  11. Lunar energy and the Rotech Tidal Turbine - Andrea Tyrrell
  12. Time to reactivate? - John McNamara
  13. Managing radioactively contaminated land - Kanan Purkayastha
  14. Fusion as a future energy option - Chris Llewellyn Smith; David Ward
  15. Scanning the energy horizon: miracle or mirage? - David Hawkins
  16. Interview: George Monbiot - David Hawkins
  17. Obituary: Dr Jacob 'John' Rose - John Baines; Carolyn Roberts

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