The Energy Trilemma

Publication date:
February 2014
This journal provides a detailed look at how to provide affordable energy, with security of supply and the minimum possible damage to the environment. It examines the energy mix in the UK and how legal reform and international policies will affect energy production in the future. It includes case studies on renewable energy generation initiatives across the UK.
  1. A more sustainable energy future? - Ian Byrne
  2. Mixing it up: the UK and global energy mix - Deane Somerville
  3. Gas production over the last 200 years: friend or foe? - Russell Thomas and Sharon Churchill
  4. Nuclear power: a poisoned chalice? - Stuart Parr
  5. The impact of land of the shifting energy mix - Rachel Tullis
  6. The impact of windfarms on birds - Nicola Lowndes
  7. Tidal energy at Strangford Lough: a wave of potential - Joseph Martin
  8. Bring home the revolution - Steven McNab and Jessica Holt
  9. Why did the Severn Barrage fail and what does that mean for tidal energy in the UK? - Peter Kydd
  10. Biomass and carbon dioxide capture and storage - Jasmin Kemper and Tim Dixon
  11. The management of environmental risk for shale gas exploitation - Ian Davison
  12. What would be the consequences of the UK not meeting its Kyoto carbon targets? - Paulina Poplawski-Stephens.

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