Environmental justice: inequality and gender

Publication date:
December 2010

Inequality pervades the world, in the allocation of finite resources, the impacts of environmental problems, and in employment and decision-making within environmental sciences. This issue discusses the link between environmental justice and inequality, in particular considering the future of shared resources, the impacts of environmental research on local communities, access to information and the positive impact of the convergence of societal differences on climate change. The gender inequalities in decision-making, employment and in the IES itself are investigated.

  1. A crack in the glass ceiling? - Carolyn Roberts
  2. Sharing the communal well - Mark Everard
  3. Social Inequality and environmental justice - Danny Dorling
  4. Gender equality in agricultural development in Sub-Saharan Africa - Arundhati Inamdar-Willetts
  5. Justice and the fair distribution of water resources - Sue Cavill
  6. Access to justice - Anais Berthier
  7. The future of Cleantech: promoting women's participation - Catherine Bowers
  8. Sustainability sense: linking personal, professional and organisational values - John Baines
  9. Climate justice without vengeance - Aubrey Meyer
  10. Gender Equality in Malta - Mark Mifsud
  11. Women in campaigning: the NWFI perspective - Ruth Bond
  12. Gender equality in the environmental sciences - Julia Heaton
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