The EU - red tape or green governance?

Publication date:
August 2013
This journal investigates the environmental legislation emanating from the EU and the effects it has on the UK's environmental professionals. It includes opinions about the potential environmental effects of leaving the EU as well as the perceived benefits from EU membership to various UK-based organisations.
  1. The EU leading on the environment - Janez Potocnik
  2. The EU environment - Adam Donnan, Emma Fenton
  3. EU law and climate change - Nick Flynn
  4. The consequences of not implementing EU law - Colin Reid
  5. The role of European environmental regulatory networks - Simon Bingham
  6. The environmental impact of leaving the EU
  7. Should harmonisation or subsidiarity prevail for the regulation of shale gas in the EU? - Fredrick van Mierlo
  8. The EU in numbers - Jenna Edgar, Emma Fenton
  9. The status of the Soil Framework Directive - Valerie Fogleman
  10. What has the EU ever done for us?
  11. Answering a new call - Andreas Baumuller

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