Ruth Bowyer
November 2014

Finding Employment After 50

The rising age of retirement means older workers as a proportion of the UK workforce will increase, yet those over 50 seeking work face many obstacles. The problem is often overlooked or underestimated, with employers discriminating against older workers despite government legislation intended to prevent this.  Recognising these issues, this report investigates the extent of this probelm amongst professionals in the environmental sciences.

To investigate this issue the IES conducted a survey of its members aged over 50, asking about their experiences of seeking work.  Findings indicated that environmental scientists over 50 face similar problems returning to work as identified across the rest of the UK. There are clear social and economic benefits to individuals remaining in work to retirement age - and sometimes beyond. As such, this report concludes that the sector needs to do more to ensure best practice and offers some thoughts and advice on how this may be acheived.

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