Green Growth: A blueprint for the future?

Publication date:
December 2012

The IES believes that the positive promotion of 'green' growth might lead to a solution to a number of interlinking crises. It is within this context that we are publishing this issue of the environmental SCIENTIST which seeks to: act as an introduction to 'green' growth and environmental economics; highlight some of the good environmental practices and environmental innovations already taking place; and paint a vision of how a bold 'green' growth agenda could solve the current financial crisis.

  1. Green growth: the only growth story for the future - Angel Gurria
  2. Making the growth equation work - Adam Donnan
  3. Green growth: what does it mean - Alex Bown
  4. Green in tooth and claw - Mark Everard
  5. Alternative growth indicators: the Happy Planet Index - Emma Fenton
  6. How we can afford to rebalance the UK economy - Ann Pettifor
  7. Green growth begins with green shoots - Dimitri Zenghelis
  8. Policies for low-carbon green growth - Paul Ekins
  9. Renewable and subsidies - Simon Bullock
  10. Government policy on community-owned renewables: is it FiT for purpose - Sarah Payne and Simon Steeden
  11. On creating the environment for change and fostering a green economy - Samantha Heath and David Fell
  12. Education for a green economy - Simone Meli and Ueli Bernhard
  13. The green economy and graduate employment - Stephen Martin and Maureen Martin
  14. How useful are the concepts green growth and green jobs? - Andrew Mearman and Anthony Plumridge
  15. The fallacy of green growth - James Medway
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