The greenest Olympics?

Publication date:
November 2009
Will the London 2012 Olympics be the greenest Olympics ever? The organisers of Europe's largest construction programme committed to achieving the most sustainable Olympic games yet. Published over 2 years before the games begin, this issue considers current progress towards this ambitious legacy, including in areas around biodiversity and transport, and the success of previous Olympics in championing sustainability.
  1. London 2012 - a sustainable odyssey? - Shaun McCarthy
  2. Biodiversity and the London 2012 Olympic Park - Gary Grant
  3. Sustainable transport for the London 2012 Olympic Games - Mike Sinclair-Williams
  4. On the right track? - Darren Johnson
  5. Planting the park - Heather Barrett-Mold
  6. An evolving sustainable development perspective: the Olympic games - Gregory Borne
  7. Contaminated land management at the Olympic park site and an after-games scenario - Kanan Purkayastha
  8. Material use at the Olympics: a case study of PVC - Mark Everard
  9. Air Quality and the Olympic dream: Beijing 2008 and London 2012 - Clare Holman
  10. Strategic assessment of the Turin 2006 Olympic winter games - Attilia Peano; Grazia Brunetta
  11. Sydney Olympic site remediatoin - Sharon Beder

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