International edition

Publication date:
May 2007

This issue, consisting entirely of contributions from IES members, investigates the challenges facing environmental sciences and sustainable development around the world. Sustainable development, environmental education and resource use are global issues with differing local impacts, difficulties and solutions. The International Edition discuses these issues and the role of professional bodies and environmental scientists in addressing them.

  1. Professional bodies acting together - Carolyn Roberts
  2. In our own time of legacies, let's create our own legacy for the future - Mark Everard
  3. Sustainable development and higher education - Stephen Martin and Simon G. Smith
  4. Biomimicry - an alternative to petrochemicals? - Arend Hoogervorst
  5. Education! What education? Switzerland and the challenge of education for sustainability - Rolf Jucker and David Hawkins
  6. The sustainable development insider - Adam Donnan
  7. Environmental issues in the Maltese islands - Mark Mifsud
  8. Environmental issues in New Zealand - Graeme Buchan
  9. Keeping New Zealand green through voluntary action on climate change - Martin Fryer
  10. The Masai Mara - which way forward? - Arundhati Inamdar-Willetts
  11. The sky of Hong Kong is turning blue - Kalvin Lau
  12. Personal choice or national responsibility for indoor air quality? - Bernard Fisher and Simon Watts
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