May/June 2003

Publication date:
May 2003
May/June 2003
  1. Aspects of climate change - M.R. Phillips
  2. The M6 toll road - Tom Lawson
  3. Emission-free hydrogen production - Prof. Richard Clegg
  4. Nitrogen dioxide inside a maternity unit - David Holmes
  5. John Connell Memorial Award: An evaluation of the use of Radon in assessing groundwater and surface-water interaction - Andrew Frost
  6. John Connell Memorial Award II: Detection and sensitivity analysis of Cryptosporadium parvum oocysts in the shellfish Mytilus Edulis by nested PCR of the rRNA gene - Alana Cunningham, M.B. Finn, C.J. Lowery, J.S.G. Dooley and J.E. Moore

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