Paddy Fowler
April 2019

Membership Survey 2019

Each year, we survey our members to identify trends in how different services are valued and to gather members’ opinions on potential future developments. Here we are pleased to present the findings of our 2019 membership survey.

Members highly value our quarterly journal, the environmental SCIENTIST, with 92% of respondents rating it as 'very important' or 'important'. Additionally, our webinars, other publications and our important Chartership opportunities were all highly rated by members.

We increased the number of events held outside London again, with 18 events held from Edinburgh to Plymouth. In 2019, we are also looking to expand our training programme, host more journal launch events and redesign the IES website with a rebrand.

In 2018 we published 25 articles, blogs and webinars on the IES analysis page on topics ranging from the 25 year plan to introducing the first two Registered Environmental Technicians (REnvTech).

A few years ago we introduced the Net Promoter Score to our membership survey, which is a measure of how many people would recommend the IES to a friend or colleague. We have continued on the success of last year, increasing our impressive NPS score to 48. Furthermore, 95% of respondents rated the IES office's ability to answer their query as 'excellent' or 'good', reflecting our commitment to excellent customer service.