New materials and the circular economy

Publication date:
March 2015
Researchers are exploring and developing exciting new materials and industrial processes that manufacturers are bringing to market very rapidly. Yet some of these materials pose problems that could be taking us further away from a sustainable circular economy. This edition of the environmental SCIENTIST investigates these novel materials and how they can be recovered, reused and recycled.
  1. New materials for new ways of making things - Carolyn Roberts, Julie Hill
  2. Designing novel products and materials for greater circularity - Liz Goodwin, Peter Maddox, Patrick Mahon
  3. Recycling and the circular economy for composites - Stella Job
  4. Resource efficiency strategies and closed loops for manufacturing processes and materials - Graham Hillier, Richard Court, Julie Hill, Carolyn Roberts
  5. What makes material recovery from high-value products viable? - Roger Morton
  6. Reaching around the circle from design to resource recovery - Julie Hill, Steve Lee, Sophie Thomas
  7. Advanced materials and sustainability: the role of Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council - Lucy Martin, Anna Angus-Smyth
  8. Remanufacturing transformers and switchgear - Rachel Waugh, Clare Adams
  9. The circular economy in Japan - Dustin Benton, Jonny Hazell
  10. The circular economy and the role of innovation - Julie Hill, Jocelyn Bleriot, Ella Jamsin, Mike Pitts

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