The new radicalism in environmental engagement

Publication date:
August 2019

Environmental engagement is on television screens, in the streets and at your local book group; everyone's doing it. Whether you're engrossed in the latest nature documentary or watching the news in the evening, environmental communicators are everywhere and everyone. In this edition of the environmental SCIENTIST we're on the front lines of the revolution, mixing with artists, comedians, unions and students; exploring the new face of environmental engagement. Read about how local cultural expertise once cast aside is at the forefront of research, why paper bags are environmentally misleading and hear from a professor arrested at the extinction rebellion protests.

  1. Engagement in a new climate – Tim Jackson
  2. Against the clock – Joan Walley
  3. Rebelling for life – Colin Davis
  4. Communicating cutting-edge science – Michael Sulu
  5. The life and times of the 'alternative' environmental scientist – Jackie Young
  6. From ice cream to employability: Engaging students in sustainability issues – Rachel Drayson
  7. Tell it and think it and speak it and breathe it – Mark Edwards
  8. Extinction engagement – let's turn communication on its head – Tom Wakeford
  9. Pie in the sky – Ian Hodson
  10. Plastic as a fuel, not a foe – Blaise Kelly
  11. Engaging research: NERC and funding – Hilary Geoghegan, Carl Stevenson, Hannah King and Paddy Fowler
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