Our common urban future

Publication date:
August 2015
More of us than ever before live and work in cities. This issue of the environmental SCIENTIST seeks to address some of the questions that arise around our common urban future. Articles draw on work from across the environmental sciences, exploring the challenges that cities will face over the coming decades, and the exciting and innovative environmental solutions and projects being undertaken to improve our urban areas.
  1. Our urban future - James Hale
  2. Cities Alive: rethinking the cities of the future - Tom Armour
  3. Eco-urban systems in the UK: what lies ahead? - Joe Ravetz
  4. How to work with joined up eco-urban systems - Joe Ravetz
  5. Belfast: back to the future - Joseph Martin and Mary Maguire
  6. Designing the cities of the future - Emilia Plotka
  7. Improving cities with smart data - Alan Shingler and Martin Sagar
  8. Smart cities - industry and transparency - Michael Groves
  9. Reviving the flora of Cape Town - Nadine Coetzee
  10. Smart or happy? Designing cities for people - Robert Ashcroft and Riccardo Marini

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