Quadrophilia: How decentralisation has helped the environment

Publication date:
November 2016

Increasingly vocal demands for repatriation of power from both Brussels and Westminster have re-opened the debate about where decision-making powers on environmental issues should lie. This issue of the environmental SCIENTIST highlights several devolution success stories in environmental policy areas, and reflects on what we can learn from these cases. A series of three Analysis pieces offer a comparative exploration of how one important issue, climate change adaptation, is being addressed in each of the devolved administrations. We also present a perspective from the United States, and further analysis on what Brexit may mean for devolved environmental policy in the UK. The policy landscape is in flux and the environmental sector needs to embrace new approaches to help shape future frameworks. This journal aims to encourage the reflection required, by carefully evaluating the options available to us, examining congruent domestic and international experiences, and highlighting best practice.

  1. Devolution and multi-scalar environmental management - Peter Davies
  2. Devo-what? - Robert Ashcroft
  3. Devolution and resource management - Jonny Hazell
  4. Climate change impacts and adaptation in Scotland - Anna Moss
  5. Balancing national and regional involvement in climate change adaptation - Jane E McCullough and Stephen McCabe
  6. Climate change adaptation in Wales: Much ado about nothing? - Andrew Flynn, Andrew Kythreotis and Alan Netherwood
  7. The changing face of the Northern Ireland planning system: and environmental perspective - Joseph Martin
  8. Multilevel environmental governance in the United States - Erin Ryan
  9. Layers of government - Colin Reid
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