EIA Working Group
March 2023

Reframing EIA: A tool for better design for people and planet

Over thirty years have passed since Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was initially established in the United Kingdom through the Town and Country Planning Regulations in England and Wales and the Environmental Assessment Regulations for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Today, the IES EIA Working Group has launched it's new thought piece outlining how EIA should evolve over the next 30 years to support better environmental outcomes for people and planet.

The thought piece explores the current challenges facing EIA professionals and it's vision for EIA moving forwards, including eight key areas to support EIA in achieving better environmental outcomes from developments. 

This thought piece comes as a number of key legislation changes are on the horizon that are likely to affect the EIA process and those that work in it. The thought piece highlights the importance of legislation supporting a science-led approach to EIA which champions competence and the use of EIA as a tool to support better design. 

This report has been informed by discussions exploring EIA through four different themes:

  1. The philosophy behind EIA 
  2. The legislative context 
  3. The EIA process
  4. The future of EIA 

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