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Publication date:
April 2019

When you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise. The treescape of Earth has changed throughout history. What once was forest is now city, and where ancient woodland stretched as far as the eye could see now lies green pasture and crop. In this edition of the environmental SCIENTIST, we walk deeper into the forest to investigate the role trees play in our environment, what potential solutions they may provide in managing the urban environment, and how the UK is increasing its forest cover sustainably. Read about the history of woodland management, why we should value our oldest trees, the impact of disease and how tree planting is inspiring development worldwide.

  1. The human treescape – Dougal Driver
  2. The need for trees – Sir Harry Studholme
  3. Edible dormice, bodgers and lasers: Ancient woodland in the Chilterns – John Morris
  4. Treezilla: The monster map of trees – Phil Wheeler
  5. The role of trees and other green infrastructure in urban air quality – Emma Ferranti, James Levine and Rob MacKenzie
  6. Stumped: Urban street-tree (mis)management – Ian Rotherham
  7. Military woodland – Steven Holdsworth
  8. The role of trees in sustainable urban drainage systems – Charlotte Markey
  9. The 21st century wood-stock – Chloe Fletcher
  10. Ash dieback in Britain – planning for a resilient treescape – Jon Stokes
  11. The Northern Forest – a partnership for the long term – Iain Taylor
  12. Veteran trees: Value, vulnerability and revitalisation – Helen Read, Vikki Bengtsson and Phil Wheater
  13. Trees for cities: Planting the seeds for the next generation – Devika Jina and Kathy Silenga
  14. The National Forest – John Everitt
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