Science Without Borders: Making the SDGs successful

Publication date:
September 2017

In September 2015, world leaders adopted the seventeen goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at a special United National Summit. 193 UN Member States signed up to the Goals, which are focused around ending poverty and hunger, protecting the planet, fostering peaceful societies and promoting partnerships to help achieve the sustainable development. Science is fundamental to many of the Goals and the 169 targets which accompany them, and this issue of the environmental SCIENTIST explores its role, in partnership with policy, business and civil society, in delivering on this ambitious agenda.

  1. Inclusive science: Promoting the interface between science, policy and society – Farooq Ullah
  2. ​OpenStreetMap and the Sustainable Development Goals – Rebecca Firth
  3. The economics of the Sustainable Development Goals – Dr Simon Zadek
  4. Encouraging interdisciplinarity beyond the sciences – Robert Ashcroft
  5. Physics education in sub-Saharan Africa – Linsey Clark
  6. Data challenges for the Sustainable Development Goals – Mario Hernandez
  7. The scientific and technological community in the Sustainable Development Goal process – Ruben Zondervan
  8. Repurposing business around the meeting of human needs – Dr Mark Everard
  9. Seafood certification and the SDGs: Linking ocean health with people’s lives and plates – Lucy Erickson
  10. Environmental sustainability and gender equality: The perils of ignoring the synergies – Bina Agarwal
  11. Rural development in Kenya: Leading the way for the SDGs in Africa – Joseph Martin
  12. New technological solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals and beyond – Nebojsa Nakicenovic and Caroline Zimm
  13. The transition towards sustainable development –  Jonathon Porritt and Michelle Reeve
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