From soil to sale: the impact of food production

Publication date:
April 2010

With a growing world population in an environmentally degraded world, the future challenge will be to produce more food with less energy, water and space. This issue approaches the issues surrounding food security from agricultural methods which could improve food production whilst also tackling undernourishment, poverty and climate change, through to changing the way that consumers shop through local enterprise and more effective consumer information and food labelling.

  1. Food and the built environment - Eike Sindlinger
  2. The future of farming - Madeleine Lewis
  3. Vital sustainable agriculture - a solution for the 21st Century - Ibrahim Abouleish and Martin Haagen
  4. Soil carbon and organic farming - Isobel Tomlinson
  5. Conservation grade - nature friendly farming - Tim Nevard and Brin Hughes
  6. A new deal for local economies: a view from the USA - Stacy Mitchell
  7. Climate friendly food - introducing a community-led labelling scheme - Jenny Hall
  8. Sustainable food and farming: can labelling help? - Kath Dalmeny
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