Technology and Innovation

Publication date:
July 2012

Technology and the environment have historically not been easy bedfellows. Innovations, mechanisation, and industrialisation have been responsible for large swathes of environmental degradation over the past century, but could they also prove its saviour? In this edition of environmental SCIENTIST Professor Carolyn Roberts interrogates the opportunities and possibilities that technology innovation provides in the ongoing effort to reverse environmental damage and to create a sustainable future for all.

  1. Hard Times: From Dickens to Digital in the green tech revolution - Carolyn Roberts
  2. Science at the centre - John Whittall
  3. Carbon capture and recycling: Coverting carbon dioxide into useful commodities - Anna Weston and Carolyn Roberts
  4. Biofuels - A genuinely renewable substitute for oil? - David Gardner
  5. Energy from Waste - Liz Mullis
  6. Waste as good business? - Colin Drummond
  7. Greening buildings use - Fionnuala Costello
  8. The Challenges of Knowledge Exchange and Water Research - Kerry Thomas and Carolyn Roberts
  9. Crossing the cultural divide - Anne Miller
  10. Eco-innovation for a competitive edge - John Henderson
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