Time for a new Clean Air Act?

Publication date:
April 2017
Though experts have been aware of the issue for many years, it is only in recent years that the majority of the media and public have become aware of the severity of the air quality crisis in many of Britain's towns and cities. But is it too little too late? The articles in this issue of the environmental SCIENTIST discuss controversial topics around air quality management and measurement, and suggest ways in which both government and individuals can strive to tackle this problem.
  1. Tackling air pollution: We need to get our Act together – Matthew Pennycook
  2. Improving air quality: Are vehicle emission limits all smoke and mirrors? – Claire Holman
  3. Electric vehicles – are we nearly there yet? – Roger Barrowcliffe
  4. Air pollution: putting people at the heart of the issues – Tim Chatterton
  5. Fact or fiction: The story of measuring NOx emissions from modern diesel vehicles – Ben Marner
  6. ​Enhancing Local Air Quality Management in Wales to maximise public health integration, collaboration and impact – Huw Brunt, James Longhurst, Gabriel Scally and Enda Haynes
  7. Health and education versus economic development – are our children suffering in the crossfire? – Graham Harker
  8. ​Air quality drives down motorway speed limit – Fiona Prismall
  9. Controlling non-road mobile machinery emissions in London – Daniel Marsh
  10. Will backup generators be the next 'Dieselgate' for the UK? – Kieran Laxen
  11. A new Clean Air Act – what do we want? – Sarah Legge

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