Toying with nature: Recreation and the environment

Publication date:
December 2018
Hiking through National Parks, climbing mountains and surfing waves; we spent a lot of our spare time immersed in the natural world. But how does our use of the natural world impact it and equally, how does it affect us? This edition of the environmental SCIENTIST explores our relationship to nature through recreational activities and questions whether we value recreation in nature for human benefit or for environmental gain. In a fascinating breadth of articles, read about how anglers could help to save our watercourses, how natural nature reserves really are, and to what extent does the air we breathe impact on athletic ability.
  1. Recreation and the environmental sciences – Mark Everard
  2. It's in our nature – Paddy Fowler
  3. Access rights? – Pippa Langford
  4. Running out of fresh air – Laurence Caird
  5. Hikers, Vipers and Bikers: Conflict in the UK's National Parks – Carolyn Roberts
  6. Angling for sustainable fishing – Mark Everard and Adrian C. Pinder
  7. Nature Reserves: Just how natural are they? – Robert Ashcroft
  8. Getting to grips with climbing and the environment – Andrew Mackintosh
  9. Riding the sustainable wave: Surfing and environmentalism – Gregory Borne
  10. Shooting to protect – Tim Flach and Paddy Fowler

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