The UK National Ecosystem Assessment: what now?

Publication date:
December 2014

This issue of environmental SCIENTIST summarises the scope and outcomes of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment and the subsequent Follow-on report. The overall UK NEA programme has made a promising start, one that is incumbent on all of us now to advance to secure future wellbeing.

  1. A unique resource – the UK NEA - Mark Everard
  2. Why assess the state of UK ecosystems and trends in the delivery of ecosystem services? - Steve Albon
  3. Evolving a conceptual framework to explore the links between human wellbeing and the environment - Steve Albon, Kerry Turner
  4. The case for a Natural Capital Asset Check - Ian Dickie and Sarah Krisht
  5. Realising the economic value of ecosystems - Mark Everard
  6. Costal and marine ecosystems services - Jonathan P. Atkins, Daryl Burdon, Michael Elliott, Marije Schaafsma, Kerry Turner
  7. Cultural ecosystems services: stretching out the concept - Robert Fish, Andrew Church
  8. Talking account of the shared and cultural values of ecosystems services - Jasper O. Kenter, Mark S. Reed
  9. Scenarios research under the UK NEAFO - Roy Haines-Young, Jamie Tratalos, Marion Potschin, Mark Everard
  10. Response options: incorporating the Ecosystems Approach into robust and adaptable decision-making - Mark Everard, Iain Brown
  11. Mainstreaming ecosystems science into policy and decision-making - Alister Scott
  12. Communicating with plural audiences - Mark Everard
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