UK regulation: endless paperwork or essential protection?

Publication date:
November 2013
This journal provides a comprehensive review the UK's environmental regulatory landscape and explains how regulation has benefited the UK environment. It describes the motivations behind the Smarter Environmental Regulation Review and Red Tape Challenge.
  1. Environmental regulation in the UK - Ed Mitchell
  2. A brief history of environmental law in the UK - Ben Christman
  3. The state of UK environmental legislation: opportunities for reform? - Eloise Scotford, Rosie Oliver
  4. Smartening up the environmental regulatory framework - Sharon Holloway, Vicky Midgley
  5. How does UK environmental regulation affect the environment? - Darren Walker, Emma Fenton
  6. Environmental regulation: ambiguity, ambivalence and legislative balancing acts - Nigel South
  7. Nitrate Vulnerable Zones: a good example of risk-based, targeted regulation? - Robert Willows, Alwyn Hart
  8. The regulation of contaminated land in the UK - David Kerr
  9. Cambrian patent fuel works - Kevin Stone

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