The uptake of emerging science into strategic planning

Publication date:
August 2009
Published in conjunction with the Environment Agency, this issue looks at a move from historical crisis management in response to environmental problems to a more strategic approach to environmental management. Whilst the future is uncertain, various scenarios and mechanisms for understanding potential threats and opportunities are discussed. These include discussion of the implications of government research and the role of ecosystem services in strategic planning, and potential drivers of future environmental issues.
  1. Integrating environmental 'futures' into strategic planning - John Seager; Mark Everard; Kathryn Monk
  2. Potential drivers of future environmental issues - Martin Duckworth; Mark Everard; Joe Ravetz; John Reynolds
  3. Ecosystem services - joined up thinking in an interdependent world - Mark Everard; Joe Ravetz
  4. Emerging energy future: hard choices for soft energy pathways - Joe Ravetz
  5. Towards the low carbon economy: transforming the way things work - Joe Ravetz
  6. Community and citizen - emerging models for socially engaged environmental governance - Joe Ravetz
  7. New technology applications: risks and opportunities for environmental governance - Joe Ravetz
  8. Strategic responses to emerging technologies - Sarah Bardsley; Jennifer de Lurio; Sarah Webb
  9. 'Wind tunnelling' - the rapid scenario-based testing of emerging issues - Mark Everard; Martin Duckworth; Joe Ravetz; John Reynolds

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